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-I have a story in this week's New Yorker for which I sat in the orchestra pit of the new Broadway production of "The King and I" -My two most recent manners columns in the Times: the etiquette of asking someone if ...


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-I had lots of fun being a judge in the Piglet, the annual cookbook competition held by the website Food 52. I was asked to weigh in on--and cook from--Brooks Headley's "Fancy Desserts" and Sean Brock's "Harvest". Here's my judgment. -In ...

“Alford to attend Alfordpalooza”

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Oh, this is lovely: the Key City Public Theatre in Port Townsend, Wa. is having an evening whereat three of my stories will be read aloud. It's tonight! And I will be one of the three readers---or, as the local ...


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-I'm not exactly technophobic; I guess I'd be more accurately described as techno-churlish. So it was a surprise to me when I realized that having Scrabble on my iPhone has improved my life greatly. I decided to spend three weeks ...

Kale Scrivenings Get Some Love

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The New Yorker's Emma Allen nicely mentioned my kale story in her round-up of "not-to-be missed" humor pieces from the magazine in 2014. Thank you, crucifer gods.

Tabular Splendor

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Here's the previously unavailable link for my Splendid Table appearance (it feels weird to call a radio gig an "appearance," but I'm going with it.) I'm at 1:40:22. Thanks.

Recent excretions

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-Like you, I have often wondered, How could a hostage negotiator help the average family get through Thanksgiving? So, for my New York Times column, I interviewed nine hostage negotiators--three of them formerly with the FBI--and asked them for holiday ...

Recent Work

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-Is there too much hugging going on today? Is there any way for the huggily-inclined to co-exist peacefully with the non-huggy? I tried to answer these questions in a recent New York Times column. Afterwards, I got to talk about ...

What I’ve Been Up To

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Here is some recent stuff that has occupied my datebook and cerebellum. Apologies for the sloth-like way in which I update this site; as a closet exhibitionist, my usual m.o. seems to be to try to get your attention, but ...

“Would It Kill You…?”

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In a vivid display of bad manners, I now present some reactions to my new book, "Would It Kill You to Stop Doing That?: A Modern Guide to Manners." Apparently the book is out in paperback and available for purchase. "A brilliant primer ...