November 29th, 2018

-Not to sound alarmist, but are you perchance looking for tips for dealing with your outrage fatigue? Here are some, from an Op Ed I wrote for the L.A. Times.

-Why are so many novelists writing for TV now? It’s not simply that there are many more TV shows now than there used to be–I mean, Netflix alone will release 800 new TV series and movies this year. There are lots of other reasons, too, most of them itemized in this piece from the New York Times. (Bonus for fans of “The Wire”: I interviewed creator and head writer David Simon for this.)

-Did you know that at many swanky restaurants, for whatever reason, you can ask for a black napkin? You might get a slightly sheepish reaction, but do it you can. Monsieur et madame, I present for you The black napkin: a tiny history , in which I went to five upscale NYC restaurants and spilled on myself. Yes, another sterling example of hard-hitting journalism. (And thanks to the shout-outs from Eater and the L.A. Times, as well as the Orange Coast’s epochal headline “Black Napkins: Where Are They Now?”).