August 17th, 2019

Here’s some stuff I’ve written recently, with links. Apologies for this data dump!

-I went camping at the country’s newest national park, which is gorgeous but which is located in between a power plant and the world’s largest steel mill (New York Times)

-Something that my boyfriend and I have been doing in our living room for the past eight years has become a national obsession during the pandemic. (Los Angeles Times)

-Attorney Daniel Uhlfelder is making a difference during the pandemic. How? By dressing up as the Grim Reaper. (New Yorker)

-Toilet paper hoarding: why have people been doing it doing the pandemic? What would Freud say? (New Yorker)

-How do farmers determine what is and isn’t “ugly produce”? (New Yorker)

-Everything you’re afraid to ask about human composting (New Yorker)

-The city of Chengdu may replace its street lights with an artificial moon. Could New York City do it? (New Yorker)

-The website Goop now has a section for men (Airmail)

-The Metropolitan Museum of Art has a show devoted to camp (Los Angeles Times)

-I spent a lot of the spring lying on my floor reading “Don Quixote” (Los Angeles Times)

-Book clubs have gotten especially clubby (New York Times)