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Elderism #28

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Management guru Tom Peters--he's the guy who co-wrote In Search of Excellence back in the 80's--was interviewed by the Financial Times this weekend. He had this to say on the topic of accomplishment: "Are you throwing enough spaghetti at the wall ...

Rhino alert

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The Economist has run an obituary of George W. Bush's nostrils. I do not speak rhetorically.

Elderism #27

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Watching Larry King--who turned 75 today--try to wrap his mind around the pregnancy of Thomas Beatie last night was like watching a country store clerk who's lost his spectacles in the barley. "Do you feel gay?," King asked the transsexual and his ...

Elderism #26

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Apparently the most unusual exhibit in the new B.B. King Museum in Indianola, Miss. is a "blood-building tonic" called Peptikon. According to Page Six, King tells next month's Relix magazine that in 1948 he was hired to sing the tonic's jingle ...

Elderism #25

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As we get older, do we develop a better understanding of how others perceive us? The case of playwright and character actor Wallace Shawn would suggest not. In an article by Dave Itzkoff in today's Times, Shawn talks about having played ...

Elderism #24

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In 1975, Paul Theroux made a name for himself with The Great Railway Bazaar, an account of his train trip from London to Tokyo and back. 30 years later, Theroux--"no less inquisitive, but considerably goutier," as Toby Lichtig puts it ...

Rosetta Reitz (1924-2008)

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"Louis Armstrong was a sideman on records in the '20's with singers like Sippie Wallace, Eva Taylor, Hociel Thomas, Virginia Liston and Margaret Johnson. These women's records were made as their records. But when they come out now, they're reissued ...

Elderism #23

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Totally bizarro coincidence: having, two days earlier, published an Op Ed in the New York Times about the guerilla tactics I employ when confronted by strangers' bad manners, I was dumbstruck to witness the following. (You'll definitely think I'm making ...

Elderbloggers: Hear Them Roar

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I was asked by to list my ten favorite blogs by, or about, senior citizens. The full list is here, but I wanted to give some context on some of these wonderful elderbloggers and their sites: Dad's Tomato Garden Journal, ...

Elderism #22

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On Tuesday, Gertrude Baines, a daughter of former slaves who is 114 years old--i.e., in her lifetime she has seen women and blacks gain the right to vote--was spied by the Los Angeles Times voting for Obama. Baines shyly murmured, "What's ...