Recent Work

October 2nd, 2014

-Is there too much hugging going on today? Is there any way for the huggily-inclined to co-exist peacefully with the non-huggy? I tried to answer these questions in a recent New York Times column. Afterwards, I got to talk about it on the excellent Colin McEnroe Show (I’m on at about the 38:37 mark).

-Recent news reports suggested that the popularity of kale is leading to a shortage of everyone’s favorite cruciferous veg. My spoof, from the New Yorker.

-Also from the New Yorker: I imagined why Martha Stewart is so enamored of the drone she has at her house in Bedford

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, NY. (And, then, praise God, Ms. Stewart mentioned that very piece in her own explanation of her amour de drone.)

-I tackled the etiquette of books–reading them, suggesting them, rearranging them in stores–for the New York Times Book Review.

Is there a decorous way to get over an ex? What are the viable options besides genital cuffs or libel?