Papal Passion

March 23rd, 2009

Comedy legend–and right-leaning diabetes and animal rights spokesperson–Mary Tyler Moore has been dancing on some tabletops on behalf of her new memoir, “Growing Up Again.” She got pretty dishy with Kevin Sessums in Parade this weekend, telling him that when she was separated from her second husband Grant Tinker, Frank Sinatra came onto her once:

“Frank had his assistant phone me and ask if I would take a call from him. I said, ‘Please, by all means.’ For two days, no call. Then, Grant and I were out having dinner and thinking about getting back together. Not two feet away from us sat Frank Sinatra. He came over to say hello. I never heard from him after that.”

And then the bombshell:

“The only other man who ever looked at me the way Frank did was–and don’t take this the wrong way–Pope John Paul II.”