Got Goat?

April 1st, 2009

If you look at the Dining section of today’s New York Times, you’ll find a story I wrote about how I learned to love eating goat. (It is here.) Everyone has had a bad goat experience, it seems–either the meat was tough or barn-smelling. But if the goat you munch upon is very, very young, it is truly delicious–it’s Lamb, Plus. If you’ve had a tough piece of goat, it’s probably because it was from an animal more than a year or so old. (During the reporting of the piece, I told my boyfriend, Greg, “Old lamb is called mutton. But there’s not really a name for old goat.” Greg said, “Milton.”)

UPDATE: Readers lash back! I have apparently opened a can of worms. Two of the more interesting readers’ comments on the Times’s website are from Pat in Brooklyn, and Mohammed in the USA.