Elderism #19

October 31st, 2008

Over on the website Margaret and Helen, which claims to be written by a politics-obsessed 82 year-old named Helen Philpot and her best friend since college, the fiery Helen has been training her eye on the election and on The View:

So I love my Whoopi Goldberg. And that Joy Behar makes me laugh. But, now there is that other one…I don’t remember her name…Yesterday she announced that she was still undecided. OK, that’s it. She’s a jackass. I mean this woman is on a show called The View. What exactly is it that she can’t see? She has met, in person, all the big players in this little card game. Talk about being spoon fed. And as a fellow plus-size gal I know that she has had more than her share from that spoon.

The interface between politics and television brings out all of Helen’s passions. After one of the presidential debates, she offered,

Well, I thought it was a good debate. My hats off to Bob Shieffer…and my blouse too if he plays his cards right.

Is this Helen for real? To me, the wonderfully ad-hominem and petty quality of some of her posts does not say “scooter-riding octogenarian,” but, rather, “homosexual shut-in.”

There are lots of idiots out there who aren’t running for office, but don’t get me started on that shit for brains Elisabeth from The View.