How Is My Mother?

November 21st, 2009

Because my mother is the de facto protagonist of my most recent book, some of you may be wondering how Ann is doing. Swimmingly. More specifically, though, you may be wondering how she is shouldering the burden of having been called by Oprah magazine, in their review of How to Live,  “a role model for the ages.” Shortly after the Oprah review was published in January, I reported, “It’s all muu-muu-wearing and elevated diction from Ann from here on in; don’t expect to be granted an audience unless you are bearing a tape recorder or honorarium. If you do happen upon her in the environs of a certain North Carolina retirement community or Costco and are unsure what the appropriate tone to take with her is, consider hushed awe.”

So here’s an update: Mom recently upgraded her room at her retirement community so that she could have a balcony. This balcony overlooks the reception area and parking lot. While many might hear this news and attach to it the word “busybody” or even “surveillance,” those of us who really know Ann and her Zen-like role-modeling  have a  more accurate term at hand. We call it omniscence.