This Week in Old

November 26th, 2010

-Is Mark Twain’s autobiography surprisingly “tame, unfrank, and highly embarrassed”? (Slate)

-You might have to put that watercolor set back in the closet for a few more years: The pros and cons of raising the retirement age. (AOL News)

-Ineffective when house breaking dogs, unusable as emergency wrapping paper, and other reasons why Rupert Murdoch’s iPad newspaper will fail. (Gawker)

-Barbara Bush would much rather watch “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” than have to live in Sarah Palin’s America. (CNN)

-91-year-old track and field star defies nature and is not afraid to elbow you out for the good seats at her grand kids’ holiday play. (New York Times Magazine)

-Woe de toilette: 69-year-old Parisian woman traps herself in the bathroom for 20 days. (CBS News)

-The refrigerator is the least of his worries: A phone prankster tricks an elderly man into trashing his own hotel room. (USA Today)

-One man’s quest to satisfy the world’s need for old, expensive water. (Los Angeles Times)