This Week in Old

December 10th, 2010

-Prehistoric humans may have been hunted by giant storks. It turns out your crippling fear of Big Bird is instinctual. (LiveScience)

-Pair of Queen Elizabeth II’s underwear up for auction expected to go anywhere between one “Oh my!” to two “Why I never!’ (New York Magazine)

-U.S. life expectancy dips by about one month. (AARP)

-Helen Thomas says that Congress is “owned by the Zionists.” (CNN)

-80-year-old ex-sailor auctioning off an old watch on eBay starts the bidding at $9.95, sells it for $66,100. (Hodinkee)

-Noah’s Ark-themed amusement park is coming to Kentucky. (New York Times)

-This Grandma bumps and grinds something besides the bones in her knees against one another. (Gawker)