How Not to Be a Jerk About Sharing Vacation Photos

I loved being on the public radio show Q to discuss my recent article about online oversharing. The folks at Q have called the segment How Not to Be A Jerk About Sharing Vacation Photos.


Recent Yammerings

In the Times, I’ve discussed the tyranny of other people’s vacation photos, and the etiquette of the empty nest. The former article contains the phrase “comfort bosoms,” and I think we can all agree that a good day is a day in which you have occasion to say “comfort bosoms.”



-I wrote about having a virtual assistant named Amy for ten days, in the New York Times

-I peed on North Carolina’s bathroom law, in the New Yorker



Get Your Shonda On

In honor of television titan Shonda Rhimes’ new memoir, I spent a month saying yes to opportunities that scare me or take me out of my comfort zone, and then wrote about it for the New York Times.


I miss Downton’s Thomas and O’Brien 


Uneasy Lies the Head

Vanity Fair had me ask six therapists and mental health professionals whether Donald Trump is legitimately a narcissist. Psychology Today wrote a follow-up (the sparky British tabloid the Daily Mail also  wrote a follow-up, as did something called


“Welcome to Weedstock”

I recently attended the National Cannabis Summit in Denver for a New York Times story. Caught up in the go-go-go entrepreneurial zest on display at the Summit, I went and visited a few pot dispensaries, telling one of them, “I want to feel like tiny wings have emerged from my nape and ankles.”



Should you be close friends with people who you work with? At the risk of sounding churlish, I argued “No” on this episode of the public radio show Q. (The opposing and more humane “Yes” is provided by “noted cozyologist” Elizabeth Bromstein.)


Newish stuff

-I recently wore pheromones for a month to see if it would make me more attractive to members of the opposite sex? (I’m using a question mark there to connote deniability.)

How some of use our pets to conduct our relationships/disputes with/through.

-Congratulations to Julie Schumacher, the first woman to win the Thurber Prize (for her hilarious novel, “Dear Committee Members”). I got to host the awards ceremony, held at Caroline’s comedy club. Here’s an article about it from the Guardian, and one from the San Francisco Chronicle.


The Aspirational R.S.V.P.

Saying “yes” when you really mean “no” has an ugly new (or not so new) iteration, as discussed in my column on the aspirational RSVP.

I got to talk about the article on the public radio shows The Colin McEnroe Show (I’m at 37:39) and Q.