This Week in Old

December 4th, 2010

-This year’s “80 Over 80” list was unfortunately based on influence and achievement, not talent or swimsuit. (Slate)

-Latest batch of documents from Wikileaks include US Embassy cables that call Kim Jong-Il a “flabby old chap.” Wikileaks: Two parts Pentagon Papers, one part US Weekly. (Guardian)

-Charles Rangel is officially the “Bad Boy” of Congress. (New York Times)

-Former Living New York Landmark Elaine Kauffman is knocking back beers at that big poker table in the sky. (New York Post)

-Your grandparents can cross “TV commercials that are too loud” off of their list of what’s wrong with the world today. (Los Angeles Times)

-Never was a smiley-face emoticon more unsettling than when Charles Manson texts it. (Washington Post)

-After all this time Willie Nelson and the authorities have yet to come to an understanding about these sorts of things. (Rolling Stone)

-Lee Harvey Oswald’s casket could be the gift at your office’s Yankee Swap this year. (MSNBC)